Understanding the Basic Fundamentals

Unity’s new Render Pipelines comes with some pretty awesome new API that allows us, developers, to reach AAA results with great optimization when it comes to rendering and customizations.

We plan to release tutorials on how to add your own customizations and create your own render pipeline for future projects, but before we jump into advanced projects we wanted to highlight some important aspects of URP in order to fully grasp an understanding of how URP works and what its capabilities are.

Table of Contents:
- Universal Render Pipeline
- URP Shaders
- URP Post-Processing
- Customizing URP
- Summary

Universal Render Pipeline

It’s always nice to understand how things work in the background, especially if your job surrounds that field. We know little of what hard labor our computers really handle while we pull all the easy strings. Game Developers, Graphic Designers, Photo Editors, Social Media Specialists, in fact, any field that has to do with you editing an image falls under what is referred to as Pixel Manipulation or if you really want to get technical Kernel Convolution.

Let’s start off by understanding filters, we use these a lot on social media, most people imagine this as an overlay image but…


During the development of our game Zenith Falls, we have learned some amazing new information along the way. Recently we have been playing with Unity’s Shader Graph, and have really enjoyed testing all the endless possibilities that Shader Graph offers.

Our team chose this route instead of using 3D texturing software because it gives our level design team more flexibility, control, and ensures our scenes will always have matching textures.

Today we are going to share how we managed to create procedural wood using shader graph and go into depth on how each Node we use works, so in the…


We want to share how we accomplished our giant fish monster in our upcoming game Zenith Falls! This was a tricky task that required some inner-thinking and late nights standing at the drawing board. We got this inspiration from a really old game that we used to play that had an implementation for when swimming too far out in the ocean you would get eaten by a large fish.

A lot of games have no swim water zones where you drown, die, or lose health. With this script and setup you can create a couple of different systems, such as…

- Summary
- Get Yourself Noticed
- Taking the Right Screenshot
- Social Media Expert
- Public Announcement


When it comes to releasing your first game, marketing is easily overlooked, the first thought is always “if my game is good enough, ill make tons of sales”.
That is a misconception and absolutely not true, marketing is really what everything is about nowadays.

Starting off it was difficult for our team to find out what platforms would work best for us, so we ended up trying them all after doing some extensive research and digging. …

There are a lot of different ways that you can get your character to move around but what is the most efficient and simplest way to get your character moving without too much code? Well, we can get the animation and movement out of the way in one simple go! By grabbing our current position and letting the animator know when we are moving, we can combine the two into both moving our character and animating it with a few simple lines of code. …

If you want to skip the tutorial, there is a unitypackage download on my patreon

I'm the type of guy to where before I waste time reading or watching something I need to see the end result.

Keep in mind this tutorial will teach you some of the best, easiest and most useful systems for any type of combat or AI game, animations are a very important aspect to any game and without the right ones it wont look the best!

So these are free Animations I used from Mixamo.com for testing purposes, feel free to use your own animations!

Camera Controller Example

When it comes to game design creating a great camera controller can really affect the outcome of your game! When I started designing my third-person online game, I knew that my scripts had to stay simple so that I could later add the networking without issues. Remember you don’t always have to over complicate everything!

So before I started I knew that I needed three features to ensure it came out right;

1) Lerp Back to Rest Point
2) Adjustable Distance
3) Realistic Clamps

I wanted to create a system where insects could crawl on walls like in nature. I never use the built-in NavMesh system because of the limitations I feel it adds to the developers, so I avoided the easy route. Digging deeper I found there was not much information on crawling onto walls from all angles like a spider, the most I found was orbiting around a planet, which wouldn't work the way I wanted.

So I began with what I knew. This took me 3 days to complete which I am not happy about as I like my projects to…

Welcome to my journey of realistic environments! I’ve always wanted to create an amazing 3D world but even after I purchased tons of vegetation assets and did my best designing, the world always would feel.. empty. Immersion is an important factor in most games, even the little things count.

So taking a step back I decided to work from the small to the big. The first system I planned to work on was an insect / seasonal feature. Where a manager will contain the information on what season it currently is and depending on the insect they will cocoon, sleep…


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